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The Secret I Used To Naturally Increase My Penis Size To 8.3" Inches In 30 days

Published on 12th October, 2017 | Author: Rishi Khanna

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Rishi KhannaHey Brothers! How are you all doing? First of all, I am really sorry for not posting on my blog for so long. But there is a reason for that and today I’m going to share that with you all.

You won’t believe what a gold mine I have found! Today I’ll tell you the secret of how I managed to naturally turn my small penis (damn it was horrible!) into an 8.3” inches long monster. Well, this isn’t a really secret anymore because millions of Indians are already using it. It is an Ayurveda’s gift for all those indian men who have suffered bad sexual life because of their small penis size.

It really works and if you don’t believe me, checkout my latest pics here:

before after

There is no doubt that we all have the desire to have sex with hot babes, but do you know that without a long, hard and big penis those girls will reject you even if you are a handsome hunk. That is because, girls crave for hardcore sex that is pleasurable and lasts for hours, and that is not possible with a small penis.

I’m good at talking to girls and hence I have had many girlfriends but the sad part is that none of them stayed with me for long. That is all because of small penis I had. Given the size of my penis which was not really big enough to satisfy girls, I always ended up with embarrassment and girls used to laugh at me.

Few months ago, I met a beautiful girl at a friend’s birthday party in Mumbai. But it turned out to be the worst night of my life because she insulted me and that was embarrassing beyond imagination. She was so mean to me, but I was also determined to get my revenge. You might be thinking that what really happened that night, right?

Well, here is what happened:

image 19 So, as you know I met this girl Nishika at a friend’s birthday party few months ago. She was really nice and friendly when i met her first. It did not take me much time to make her comfortable with me. She was studying BCom in Mumbai University. I can’t express how beautiful she was looking. Long hair, fair, big boobs, and an awesome booty to say the least. I just loved her figure!

That night was so awesome! We spent hours talking to each other. Food was really nice, good music and we also had some wine together. In short, we enjoyed each other’s company a lot and had a great time. I said, I really like you and she said the same. Since it was very crowded at the party, we decided to take a walk. We walked for a while and decided to go to my house for a coffee.

We had a coffee at my house and then she went to the bathroom for few minutes. When she came back I was so shocked because she wasn’t wearing anything and she slowly came towards me and started kissing me. I was literally shocked and sweating in my pants. Tension began to rise as she softly started sliding her hands all over my body while kissing me. She was really horny and so was I. It was like an electric shock to me when she suddenly approached my crotch.

image 12

But that was the end of all the good times as she unbuttoned my pants and started to laugh. Looking at my penis, this is what she said...

“Dude WTF is that? I have never ever seen such a small dick in my life. Don’t tell me you are going to shoot now?” She was non-stop laughing and I was about to cry in sheer embarrassment!

That was so humiliating and depressing. I won’t lie that I was hard and about to shoot. That is because, with small penis I also had premature ejaculation problem. But she was so mean! My ex girl friend at least never insulted me for my small dick. That was the end of it and she left my house. (still laughing)

image 05

For Nishika it might be funny but for me it was a trigger moment that completely changed my life for good. I decided to do something about it so that it would never happen again. I had to find a natural yet effective way to make my penis bigger, longer and harder.

Guess What? This is what I found that changed my life forever:

As soon as Nishika left the house, I turned on my laptop and started researching on the internet about how to naturally enlarge penis size without side effects. I spent the whole night reading medical forums, blogs, newspapers and magazines, I found lots of research material about treatments and method to increase the penis size.

I can across lot of methods, treatments and products such as penis enlargement surgery, creams, gels, penis pumps, books, but that was all average stuff that didn’t look like working. Those ebooks and products doesn’t work and if you talk about surgery, well that is super expensive and risky as hell. There was a website that recommended penis enlargement patches. I was like WTF??? Patches? No Thanks!

None of these miracle cures work I can promise you that because I have tried them personally in past. What makes them worse is the fact that majority of them are made in weird countries such as Poland, Philippines, Ukraine, etc. That did not convince me one bit because I live in India and wanted a product that is made in India and sold by an Indian company. I don’t know about others, but I simply do not trust foreign companies without office address, official website and contact number.

After wasting several hours to find a solution to increase my penis size, I was about to give up, but luckily, I came across a YouTube Video which was an interview of Jack Napier who is one of the most popular pornstar and known for “It’s Big It’s Black It’s Jack” porn series.

image 06

Jack is an undisputed champ when it comes to biggest dicks in the porn industry. In the interview, Jack was asked the secret of his monster penis. He was surprisingly quite candid about the fact that most pornstars in the industry have increased their penis size and girth by taking supplement pills. That helps in adding girth and couple of inches to their already long penises.

image 05He said along with regular gym workout to be muscular, he also takes an ayurvedic supplement made in India. He spoke a lot about these pills and recommended as a must have supplement for bigger & longer penis. These natural ingredients based pills are an effective combination of ancient ayurveda and modern Israeli biomedical technology.

Made with powerful natural ingredients such as lycorice root, Ashwagandha, Corean ginseng, potency wood oil, wild yam, helps in increasing blood flow in veins that results in penis length and girth increase. These pills are completely side effects free and produce lifelong results. You can buy them without any prescription and they are available online as well. This amazing pill has helped millions of Indian by increasing their penis size upto 3 inches or more in less than 30 days.

So, what are these pills and what is the product name? It is known as SizeBoost Plus and it can only be purchased online on company’s official website.

image 06

Jack Napier in that interview recommended original Sizeboost Plus pills with Israeli Biomedical technology that he takes once a day after evening workout and dinner with milk. So, I quickly Googled sizeboost plus and found their official website and ordered it right away.

Awesome thing about them is that they offered me free shipping and discreet packaging for privacy so that nobody knows what I have ordered. Other good thing is that they provide option for cash on delivery, so there is no risk related to payment. They also provide 30-day money back guarantee as an assurance for the effectiveness of the product. So, without any delay I ordered my pack.

Online Order & Delivery:

Soon after I completed online order on their website, their customer care executive called me to verify the order and address details. Within 2 days my package was delivered via cash on delivery. I have posted an image below of the package when I first opened it. As you can see it was delivered anonymously in discreet packaging without any label or stickers that mentions product name. The pills bottle I received inside the package was exactly like displayed on website, which confirmed the authenticity and I was assured that the product is original. I have to say that I was very impressed with their authenticity and genuineness.

image 08

Once the package is delivered, it is simple to follow as per the provided instructions. You just have to take 2 pills a day after lunch and dinner. You can take it with milk or water. It just takes 2 minutes.

So, what is the science behind Sizeboost Plus’s formula? As per the information provided on their official website, it contains natural ingredients that have the ability to increase the blood flow to the penis. Increased blood flow in veins of penis results in size increase. This is what I have understood based in the biological explanation explained by their executive.. It might be more complex because it is based on ayurveda and Israeli Biomedical technology, but this is how it works in simple words.

The Results

How did it perform for me? Well, the results were shocking as I gained 2.5 cm per week. After taking Sizeboost Plus pills for 9 days I measured my penis and I was like WTF?? I had gained 2.5 cm. I wasn’t expecting it so first I couldn’t believe it and decided to measure it again. Guess what? It was correct and my dick was growing!

image 09

Moving on...last week while surfing facebook, I found the same girl Nishika (girl who insulted me) in one of my friend’s list. I quickly sent an add request and she added me again. She was surprised that how dare I sent her friend request, but she accepted it. We started chatting on messenger and I convinced her to go out for a coffee with me again as friends only.

Last Sunday, I met her at a club in Mumbai. Kick ass music, we danced a bit and drank a few bottles of beer as well. Things were getting a bit hot. I was horny and looking at her big boobs my dick was getting hard. All of a sudden she noticed by big penis getting bigger and bigger inside my pants. She looked at me in shock and said,

“NO FUCKING WAY! Dude are you serious? What happened to your dick? Are you carrying a dildo in your boxers or what?”

I smiled and replied,

Impressive ehh?? “That little mouse you met the first time has grown up to become a MONSTER!!!

We both laughed and then discreetly I put her hand in my boxer to let her know that im not faking it. She was like “Whoaha! What the hell? How did that happen?”. She understood that I was no more the same man, and began getting horny, she wanted me to fuck her right there.

I asked her out to go to my room. She agreed and we had the best night of our lives. That fuck was so erotic and passionate, I cannot explain how good it was. The whole night we had sex and had multiple orgasms. She was moaning in sweet pain and couldn’t resist sucking on my cock again and again. I’d be honest here, that was the best fuck of my life. Period!

image 11

Not only was my erection an entire 2 inches longer but my girth size had increased as well. For all you sex lovers out there, take this tip from me. Girth size is more critical than mere penis length. Girth is what make girls get down on their knees and beg for my 8 inches monster.

Three months later:

I have been consuming these Sizeboost Plus pills once/day and I have had the sexual joyride of a lifetime so far. I feel like an animal on the bed and I need to buy new underpants (lol) to fit my cock. As a bonus note, I have built more muscles in overall body now. Im pretty sure this is because of the natural Testosterone Boosters in Sizeboost Plus.

image 10

Six months later:

I have finally stopped consuming these magic pills. I consumed the entire course of six months and my new measured penis size is now a staggering 8.3 inches, a growth of 3.1 inches. In addition to the same, I feel much fitter and my sex drive has improved a lot. My more muscular body is a testament to the testosterone boosting benefits of Sizeboost Plus. Unlike other greedy companies which try to sell you more, Sizeboost Plus executive assured me that the entire course of six months provides life time results and there is absolutely no need to buy more. Can't thank you guys enough for my sexual powers. You guys are awesome!!